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Carstensz - The Seventh Summit
Carstensz - The Seventh Summit play-button
Section:Travel & Adventure
Year of Production:2008
Resolution: SD
Snowy Mountains rise high above the untouched jungle of New Guinea, breaking through heavy rain clouds. A limestone pyramid, known as the Carstensz Pyramid, soars above them as the most exotic, but also the most inaccessible mountain in the world. The peak of this mountain was conquered for the first time, by Heinrich Harrer, in 1962. Access to the foothills of this mountain lead through the territory of the legendary Damal native tribes and still belongs amongst the most adventurous expeditions. Apart from obtaining the necessary permits, the biggest problem lies is in persuading the naked natives to help us with the transport of equipment from Beoga, across wild rivers and mountainous jungle, up to the snowy glaciers below the Carstensz Pyramid.
Director: Pavol Barabas