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Jet Set Homes
Jet Set Homes play-button
Section:Travel & Adventure
Year of Production:2017
Resolution: 4K
From London to St Lucia, Jet Set Homes will be exploring the world’s best properties and places to live. Throughout the series we’ll be looking through the keyhole of the hottest properties on the market and finding out how and where multi- millionaires spend their free time. Jet Set Homes is more than just a property series, as each episode will explore the location as well as the homes. Two fabulous Jet Set locations will be covered in each episode with one multi-million dollar property per location. Whether you’ve got to cash to splurge on some of the world’s best properties or you’ve always fantasized about what life is really like for the rich and famous, Jet Set Homes will take you on a journey around the world’s most exclusive homes and show you how to live in luxury and style.