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Cost of War
Cost of War play-button
Section:Docs & Factual
Year of Production:2018
Resolution: HD
“War....what is it good for?.. Absolutely nothing" proclaimed the lyrics of Edwin Starr's song. Most people, especially those who have experienced war, may well agree. To some war is good for profit. To others war leads to extreme loss. There is always a cost to war. This series explores the real cost of war, in all its forms. As you watch news of battles around the globe, have you ever wondered how it’s all paid for? How do the guns end up in the hands of terrorists or "good guys"? Where do the weapons come from? How much does all this really cost? What is the human cost? What is the cost of displaced people and shattered lives? What is the cost of the wounded and permanently disabled? What is the cost to and of the veterans? The shell shocked survivors with PTSD? The physically wounded, disabled men and women who need support for the rest of their lives. The Economic cost - The Human cost -The Social Cost - The Environmental Cost - The Individual Cost - These are the themes we will explore and questions we will answer in this series THE COST OF WAR.
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