Big Media
USA, Canada, Mexico
333 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA
tel.: +1-646-205-0003 x800
fax: +1-646-205-4307
Danny Wilk:
KM Plus Media
Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East
Chlumova 334/7, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 226 219 200
Ladislav Svestka:

Who we are?

Big Media Big Media and co-pro partners KM Plus Media are leading content providers to major cable, satellite, free-to-air, and IPTV broadcasters worldwide. One of the last truly independent television studios, Big Media is active on every continent, in every medium , and we develop, finance, and produce our own content. Our catalogue is comprised of premium content spanning multiple genres, including documentaries, lifestyle, travelogue, and light entertainment, all produced in HD or 4K. Our global reach is matched by our in-house production capabilities, making us a preferred partner for high profile broadcasters, OTT Platforms, video/DVD distributors, AVOD/SVOD/TVOD and IPTV platforms.

Who we are

Our Clients

We supply worldwide the quality content for

  • TV broadcasters / Acquisition buyers
  • DVD and Home video distributors
  • Film and TV production companies
  • IPTV / VOD platforms
  • Educational market

Notable clients include Tokyo Broadcasting System, DirecTV, National Geographic Channels, HDnet, Discovery Networks, Digital Latin America, France Televisions, Groupe AB, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, British Sky Broadcasting, Sky Deutchland, Dish Network, Arte, RTL, NBC Universal, Travel Channel, TVB Hong Kong, CCTV, Thai PBS, among others.